Padova-Asiago Supernova Group

Asiago Supernova classification program: blowing out the first two hundreds candles
Tomasella, L., etal .
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We present the compilation of the first 221 supernovae classified during the Asiago Classification Program (ACP). The details of transients classification and the preliminarily reduced spectra, in fits format, are immediately posted on the Padova-Asiago SN group web site. The achieved performances for the first 2 years of the ACP are analysed, showing that half of all our classifications were made within 5 days from transient detection. The distribution of the supernova types of this sample resembles the distribution of the general list of all the supernovae listed in the Asiago SN catalog (ASNC8, Barbon et al. 1999). Finally, we use our sub-sample of 78 core-collapse supernovae, for which we retrieve the host-galaxy morphology and r-band absolute magnitudes, to study the observed subtype distribution in dwarf compared to giant galaxies. This ongoing program will give its contribution to the classification of the large number of transients that will be soon delivered by the Gaia mission.

sn galaxy RA DEC discoverer type redshift ref class fits
2014al anonymous 16:26:55.28 +33:38:24.4 MASTER Ia 0.04 CBET3846
2014ak NGC 2446 07:48:44.10 +54:36:40.5 Z. Xu & X. Gao Ia 0.0189 CBET3845
2014am anonymous 15:23:18.48 +18:17:33.3 MASTER Ia 0.053 CBET3847
2014aj UGC 3253 05:11:43.96 +67:29:29.4 Itagaki Ia 0.020 CBET3844
2014ag MCG+7-34-101 16:30:40.68 +44:30:34.7 MASTER Ia 0.031675 CBET3834