Padova-Asiago Supernova Group
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Who we are
The Supernova Group at the Padova Observatory was born on the shoulders of three great predecessors, professors Leonida Rosino, Roberto Barbon and Franco Ciatti, who were active in the field since the early '60. Our interests ranges from the observations of the early and late time evolution of the SNe, to the SN search and statistics at low and intermediate redshifts, to the modeling with hydrodynamical codes. Since the '80's we maintain the Asiago Supernova Catalogue. In addion to the facilities of several international organizations (e.g. ESO, LBT), we make extensive use of Telescopio Nazionale Galileo (TNG) and of our 1.82m telescope in Asiago We are members of several international collaborations among which PESSTO/ePESSTO/ePESSTO+, NUTS and NUTS2, The Gaia Science Alerts, Euclid, Engrawe, LSST and other projects.

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Observing programs

Staff members
  • Stefano Benetti
  • Enrico Cappellaro
  • Nancy Elias-Rosa
  • Laura Greggio
  • Andrea Pastorello
  • Leonardo Tartaglia (TD)
  • Lina Tomasella
  • Massimo Turatto
INAF associated
  • Roberto Barbon
  • Paolo Ochner
  • Andrea Reguitti
PostDoc and PhD students
  • Giorgio Valerin
  • Irene Salmaso

Former group members

Jun 2019 - Paduans + guests

Oct 2014 - Asiago group meeting

2014 - Brindisi x Mane'

2012 - Group meeting in Asiago